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The city of Jacksonville, Florida awoke to news that the Jaguars would be playing for the AFC title. Wait what we have a football team, we have a football team playing in for the title. With major moves like putting another team in California only to put the most recognizable of those teams to Sin city in hopes of a safer and more family friendly environment than that of Oakland. It’s easy to forget that Florida a state most commonly related to the word moist, has not only one but two professional Football teams past seasons would not lead one to believe that the Jaguars would be in this situation. Of the franchises 7 times going into the post season 3 of those trips have ended with a loss to the New England Patriots. The online search for Leonard Fournette and Blake Bortles spiked by large quantities in the Jacksonville area overnight. Safe to say this Cinderella underdog dream team is trying to make a 30 for 30 documentary story happen right before our eyes. The Jaguars play Tom Brady and the Patriots Sunday January 21.


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